Submitted by the DEI Committee at Montana Tech regarding Native American Heritage Month 

Montana Tech Statement in regards to Native American Heritage Month

Montana Tech, situated in the heart of this culturally diverse and historically significant state, acknowledges its roots in the following land acknowledgment statement:

"The lands on which Montana Technological University stands are an integral part of the ancient homeland and traditional territory of numerous Indigenous tribes. These lands have served as hunting grounds, travel routes, trade hubs, and healing spaces. We collectively recognize the Niimiipuu (Nez Perce), Piikani (Blackfeet), Seliš (Salish), and Agai-deka (Shoshone) peoples as the original stewards of this land. By offering this Acknowledgment, we not only pay respect and honor to the Nations and Peoples but also to the very land itself. In doing so, we affirm Indigenous sovereignty and commit to serving the needs of American Indian and Indigenous peoples today and into the future."

This is a time for all Montanans and everyone at Montana Tech to come together in a spirit of unity and understanding, to learn from the wisdom of Indigenous cultures, and to appreciate the deep-rooted history that continues to shape this remarkable state.

Throughout this month, we come together to celebrate, honor, and pay tribute to the profound legacy of our Native American ancestors, the wisdom of our elders, the aspirations of our youth, and the sacred traditions that have been passed down through generations.

Montana, is a state of stunning landscapes and breathtaking natural beauty, it is also home to twelve federally recognized Tribal nations, each with its own unique culture and history. These Tribal Nations are:

  • Apsaalooke (Crow)
  • Notameohmésêhese (Northern Cheyenne)
  • Oceti Sakowin (Seven council fires)
  • Aaniiih (Gros Ventre)
  • Nakota (Assiniboine)
  • Ojibway or Ojibwe (Chippewa)
  • Ojibwe (Little Shell Chippewa)
  • Néhinaw (Cree)
  • Niitsitapi (Blackfeet)
  • Séliš (Salish)
  • Ktunaxa (Kootenai)
  • Q'lispé (Pend d'Oreille)

Let us honor the past and embrace the future, working together to build a stronger and more inclusive Montana that respects and values the Indigenous heritage that enriches our great state and the diverse cultures that make up the mosaic of the United States. In doing so, we recognize that the history, culture, and traditions of Native Americans and Indigenous peoples are not confined to a single month but are an integral and enduring part of our collective identity.

For additional information concerning Montana’s Tribal History, members of the Tech Community are encouraged to review the following additional sources:

 “American Indian and Indigenous Peoples Resources” by Montana State University

“Essential Understandings Regarding Montana Indians”

“American Indian vs Native American: Which Should You Use?”