Writing Placement

Students’ ACT or SAT scores typically determine placement in Montana Tech writing courses. In addition, if you have dual enrollment or AP credits, be sure to email those scores, grades, or in-progress schedules to admissions@mtech.edu. If you do not have an ACT or SAT score or it has been more than two years since you took one of those tests, you may take a placement test called College Success. Montana Tech uses this placement assessment to determine the writing course in which you will have the greatest success.

College Success Writing Assessment

Register to take the College Success test here.

Please bring your photo ID and have your Montana Tech Student ID number and mtech.edu email address ready at your assessment. If you have not yet applied, start your application here.

You can take the College Success Math Assessment during the same testing period if required. Click here to learn more about Math Placement.

The Writing Assessment consists of one 90-minute session in which you will write an essay based on a prompt that is randomly provided.

Placement Levels

Students can place into the following courses based on their scores

  • WRIT 100 Composing Mindfully: Writing Fundamentals
  • WRIT 101 College Writing I or WRIT 121 Introduction to Technical Writing without co-requisite