Veteran's Fee Waivers

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Fee Waivers

Honorably Discharged Veteran Waiver - To be eligible, the student must have been honorably discharged from the service and have served with the United State Armed forces in any of its wars. The person must also be a resident of the state of Montana.

War Orphans Waiver - A waiver is available, upon approval of the Commissioner of Higher Education, for children aged 25 or less, whose parent(s) served on active duty during World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam, the Iraq or Afghanistan conflicts.  Such members of the armed forces must have been Montana residents at the time of entry into service, and must have been killed in action or died as a result of combat related injury, disease, or other disability.

National Guard Service Members - An especially exciting student access measure passed in the 2020 budget is tuition waivers for Montana National Guard service members. We hold these men and women in the highest regard for their service to our state and our country and are honored to help them attain a quality education here in Montana. More information may be found here.

Please return these forms into the Director of Financial Aid. If you have questions regarding the waivers, please contact 406-496-4466.