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Dean of Students

Dean of Students

Dr. Carrie Vath

Dear Students,

Whether you are a new student at Montana Technological University or a continuing student, I want to work alongside you to achieve your educational goals in a safe and inclusive community. With that being said, the best educational experience not only includes a strong focus on academics, but also a work-life balance that includes club activities, events, and enjoying all of the amenities the Big Sky State has to offer!

I am excited to introduce myself as your Dean.

Carrie, Kumar and Peggy helping on move in day
Photo from left to right: Peggy McCoy, Director of Alumni Affairs, Dr. Kumar Ganesan, Department Head of Environmental Engineering, and Dr. Vath welcome students to the residence halls during orientation.

Covid-19 Coronavirus Reporting Form

Montana Tech continues to monitor the coronavirus outbreak in close coordination with the Montana Department of Health and Human Services, Butte-Silver Bow Health Department and the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education. We are committed to keeping our students, faculty and staff safe as the situation evolves. This form will allow campus community members to alert the university of any travel to Level 2 or 3 areas and/or allow individuals to self-report if they are experiencing any flu-like symptoms.

Covid-19 Coronavirus Reporting Form
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Carrie on set
On the set of “Oh, the Calamity”

When I started college, I was a triple major (Anthropology, Biology, and Zoology) and triple minor (Marketing, Communication, and Women’s Studies). My sophomore year I realized I wanted to graduate in a reasonable amount of time and became a Zoology major with an anthropology minor. If you would have asked me what I wanted to be my answer was Jane Goodall. From my undergraduate to my PhD I got to work and travel all over the world (I have been to 31 countries). I was able to study various primates, work with local communities, and teach college students. Little known fact I was in a Nollywood film called “Oh, the Calamity” in 2011 and I was also featured in a music video by a Nigerian Rap star (not sharing that link).

How did I become the Dean of students when I spent all my time globe-trotting and hanging out with monkeys? I put my educational background to use, looking at why animals behave the way they do and interact with their environment, and use it to help college students navigate the university ecosystem.

Although I am here to uphold institutional policies, I am also here to empower, support, and guide students as they achieve their educational dreams. I get to lead an incredible staff that is committed to student success.

Dr. Carrie Vath, Dean of Students

Dr. Carrie Vath “Dr. V”

Dean of Students/Associate Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management