2013 Winners

Congratulations to the 3rd Annual Techxpo Winners!


  • Casey McConnell – “Nanoparticle Enhancement of Viral Infections”


  • Hannah Dysinger – “Exporing How hMutY Glycosylase Homolog Modulates Response to Alkylation Damage in Human Cells”

Civil Engineering:

  • Trent Hansen, Keely Barry-Dion, Joe Hickey, Jake McGinley, Trent Thomas, Logan Ledgerwood, & Dan Heringer – “ASC Bidding Competition, Heavy Civil”

Computer Science/Software Engineering:


  • Jake Jones & John Wareham – “MegaMarine Game Development”
  • Haythem Memmi – “Optimizing Touch Screen Interaction in Mobile Devices for Visually-impaired Users”

Electrical Engineering:

  • Doug Korin, Grant Frazier, Jason Schmutz, & Steve Moodry – “Mobile Bar Stool”

Environmental Engineering:

  • Michelle Boyle, Kyle Loch, & Joseph Mitzel – “Zero Valent Iron Mediated Nitrate Reduction”

Geophysical Department:

  • Michael Beecher – “A Statistical Analysis of Elastic Properties Related to Normalized Production in the Bakken Formation”

General Engineering:

  • Eric Gray, Sierra Briese, Chris Tarrant, William Pratte, Lindsay Kilmer, Chance Wilson, & Cory Faber – “Montana Tech Baja”

Geological Engineering:

  • Shannon Smith, Sara Adams, & Mariah McCormick – “Joint and Solid Material Characterization in Support of Seismic Slope Behavior Modeling”

Highlands College:

  • Breanna Biegler – “Concept Fire Truck”

Liberal Studies:

  • Vincent Siragusa – “Analysis of Variation in Frontal and Temporal Lobe Volumes and Their Relationship to Myopic Refractive Error in Humans

Mechanical Engineering:

  • Angelina Anderson, Jake Banovich, & Jordan Emmert – “The Snow Hog”

Metallurgical & Materials Engineering:

  • Grant Wallace & Sean Dudley – “Leach Optimization And Separation of Rare Earth Elements”

Mining Engineering:

  • The Mining Team

Professional & Technical Communication:

  • Cole Berg – “Community Health Recruitment Video”

Petroleum Engineering:

  • Jackie-Lynn Gibson, Abdulaziz Al Noaimi, Brayden Gilewicz, Mahdi Al Mohsin, Cooper Gulbraa & Aaron Zielsdorf – “Manufacture of Anhydrous Ammonia Fertilizer from Produced Natural Gas with an Onsite Manufacturing Facility”

Technical Presentation:

Environmental Engineering

  • Michelle Boyle, Kyle Loch, & Joseph Mitzel – “Zero Valent Iron Mediated Nitrate Reduction”