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Monday - Thursday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm

Contact Information

Student Union Information Desk: 406-496-4335

Room/Space Scheduling:

Assistant Director for Campus Life: Vacant

  • All posters/flyers must be approved and stamped by the Student Union Office.
  • Language not conducive to the educational environment may not be included on postings. This includes:
    • Profanity, vulgarity, or other offensive language
    • sexually explicit material
    • advertising of drugs or alcohol
    • harassment, intimidation or negative expression of a group or individual
  • Poster or flyers are allowed at designated posting areas only (on bulletin boards, not windows or doors)
  • Posters or flyers advertising off campus housing are not allowed in Montana Tech housing facilities
  • Student Union Office/Campus Life will have final decision on all posters


Reservations are required to go through 25Live web portal for on campus entities. Non-campus entities must work with one of the campus event staff.  Non-campus entities will need to fill out a Facility Use Agreement and are required to provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance.

Reservations Confirmations

A reservation is only considered “Confirmed” when an event is created and approved in the Campus Scheduling program, 25Live. An event confirmation will be sent out once the space has been confirmed.  Only the requestor or designated official from the requesting organization may change or cancel the reservation.

Space Guarantee

When scheduling space through the Student Union Office, every effort is made to guarantee specific rooms. However, on occasion, it may become necessary to move a group to a different room in order to accommodate all building users.  Whenever possible, when this happens it will be at the discretion of the Student Union Building Office, all parties involved in the reassignment will be notified prior to the event and appropriate signage will be provided and posted by the SUB.

Reservation Timeline

Regular room reservations will be accepted for the current academic calendar year. Reservations for registered student organizations will not be accepted prior to the first business day in April for the following academic year. Exceptions are granted for the specific annual events. These requests will be reviewed by the Conferencing and Special Events staff.

When room use is being sponsored by a campus organization or department for the purposes of avoiding room rental rate, the organization will be charged the full rental charge. Generally, the sponsored event must have some relationship to the organization's stated purpose. Organization members must be directly involved in the planning and direction of the event in order to be exempted from room rental charges. The sponsoring group must provide a presence at the entirety of the event.

The following categories of building users have been established to provide definite guidelines for priorities, types of, and conditions pertaining to, reservations for building space.

Category 1: University Community

Groups in Category 1 shall have priority in the order listed.

  1. Signature/Special Events
    B. Registered student organizations
    C. Alumni activities
    D. Administration, faculty, staff, and department activities that are directly connected with the University
    E. State and federal government agencies

Category 2: University Guests

Groups in Category 2 will be allowed to make reservations on a first-come, first-served basis.

A. Administration, faculty, staff, and department activities that are of a social nature, or are not directly connected with the regular business of the University.

B. Community members

  1. Non-Profit agencies

Non-Profit Groups who provide proof of their status will pay 50 percent of the regular commercial room fee.

Facility Fees

There may be a charge for any additional staffing that is required beyond the normal day to day operations. This includes but is not limited to: custodial, building staffing, security, AV technicians, set-up/take down.

Category 1

No facility fees shall be charged; with the following exceptions:

A cleanup fee may be measured if it is deemed a need.

A set-up fee may be measured if an event requires a room arrangement beyond the normal expectations for that space.

Category 2

A facility fee will be assessed for any group who fall under the category 2 classification. The room rates can be found at the Student Union Scheduling Office.

Cancellation and No-Shows

Written notice of cancellations must be expressed to the Facilities & Events Manager no less than 48 business hours before the scheduled activity or the group/individual may face forfeiture of the right to schedule meeting room and spaces within the Student Union Building and areas for the remainder of the semester. Groups or individuals failing to provide 48 business hours’ notice of cancellation or failing to show at all will be charged a $25 no-show fee. 

In case of inclement weather, no alternative space is automatically made available.  It is the responsibility of the group/individual to reserve additional indoor accommodations or make the decision whether or not to cancel the event.


Sodexo Dining Services has the first right of refusal to provide all food and beverage for events held on the Montana Tech campus.  An outside vendor may not provide catered food and/or beverage services in/on University Center facilities without signed permission from Sodexo. The Student Union Scheduling Office has the right to request a copy of the signed permission.  


Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the Student Union or associated buildings unless an  Alcohol request form has been signed off by the head of the sponsoring department and a designated representative from the Chancellors office. All requests for serving alcoholic beverages in the Student Union or associated buildings, must be submitted for for approval three weeks in advance. 


Public safety takes first priority to all activities taking place.  Failure to follow safe practices may result in immediate cancellation of the event and forfeiture of the right to reserve rooms and space.

Events posing significant public safety risks are potentially subject to immediate cancellation and cessation of activity. 

Montana Tech is committed to providing a safe, orderly environment on campus grounds and within University buildings.  All events are subject to review for security concerns and requirements.  The Student Union/Campus Life designee retains the right to require specific staffing (security or otherwise) at the expense of the event. If security is required at an event the Student Union/Campus Life Office must be informed. 

Decoration Setup

It is the responsibility of the event to provide all materials necessary for any and all decoration needs.

General guidelines for decoration setup:

  • All exits must be free of barricades and exit signs must remain clearly visible.
  • Keep all paper and cloth away from light fixtures.
  • Nothing shall be hung or attached to ceiling sprinkler heads.
  • Nails, tacks, staples, or other sharp objects are not to be driven into walls, floors, doors, ceilings, or tables.
  • Decorations must not be attached to curtains, draperies, or air vents.
  • All freestanding decorations must be stable and anchored securely.
  • Sand and gravel are not allowed.
  • All decorations must be painted prior to being brought into the buildings.
  • All decorations must be removed at the conclusion of the contracted time.
  • Use of duct tape, scotch tape and masking tape are prohibited. Only the use of professional gaffer’s tape and/or Painter’s tape will be allowed.
  • Use of hay bales, glitter and confetti is strongly prohibited.
  • No open flames or unapproved candles.

Any decoration made of combustible material must be treated with a UL listed fire retardant. Trees MUST be treated with flame retardant.

Any decorations left at the conclusion of the event will be disposed of, unless prior arrangements are made.


All rules and guidelines listed in the Reservation Policy may be subject to interpretation by the Student Union/Campus Life Office or designated appointee.

Copper Lounge


120 people THEATRE STYLE


40 people U-SHAPED STYLE

84 people ROUNDS STYLE


Technology Set up

Computer/Projector/Screen: Yes

Laptop Connector: Yes

Sound: Yes, both Mic and through Computer

Conference Phone:

Extra Info



Coat Rack


Big Butte/Highlands




25 people U-SHAPED STYLE

60 people ROUNDS STYLE


**the usual set-up in this room is CLASSROOM

Technology Set up

Computer/Projector/Screen: Yes

Laptop Connector: Yes


Conference Phone:




Technology Set Up

Computer/Projector/Screen: Yes-possible, but only screen is built in.

Laptop Connector: No

Sound: No

Conference Phone: Yes





25 people U-SHAPED STYLE


Technology Set Up

Computer/Projector/Screen: Yes

Laptop Connector: Yes

Sound: No (Can use portable sound system)

Conference Phone: Yes