We have a variety of themed communities that fit many interests!

This themed community brings together folks with shared interests around board games, video games, comics, anime, and anything else your imagination can create! The goal of this community is to establish a balance between real world responsibilities (academics, self-care, leadership development) and the virtual world. Possible programs include video game tournaments and board game nights. Open to all residents.

We are blessed to live in Montana – epic views, abundant trails, and outdoor adventures are available the entire year. The goal of this community is to engage students with the physical world we live in. Possible programs include hikes and skiing trips. The community is located next to the HPER where outdoor recreation equipment can be checked out. Open to all residents.

The School of Minds provides an atmosphere that further helps with reaching academic goals. In addition to extended quiet hours, the floor hosts a computer lab and enhanced study areas to aid in your academic success.
Questions about themed communities?

We would love to tell you more.

Augusta Edwards
Hall Director
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