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The Research Office processes all proposals submitted by Montana Tech for external funding. Submitting a proposal is easy and seamless for faculty and staff at Montana Tech.

The Research Office has the staff and expertise to ensure compliance with applicable policies and procedures, as well as to assist faculty in submitting the best proposals with the highest potential for funding.

Steps to submit a proposal:

  1. As soon as you start working on the proposal or know you want to apply, notify the Research Office via email at that you have a proposal upcoming, sponsor information, and its due date.
  2. Not later than 7 days prior to the deadline, you will be assigned a person to guide your proposal through the MTech review and submission process. At minimum, please provide the information:
    1. Scope of work (draft)
    2. Budget/budget narrative (draft)
    3. Proposal guidelines
    4. Proposal Deadline
  3. Proposal Review: We will help coordinate the budget review with Joanne Lee, review all commitments made on behalf of Montana Tech, ensure you have all of the properly completed forms (both sponsor and Montana Tech), obtain approvals for you, and help ensure the best possible proposal is submitted.
  4. Final submission. The proposal must be approved by the Department Head, Dean or Director, OSP, and RO before submission to the sponsor.

If you would like editorial review, submit your proposal draft at least two (2) weeks prior to the deadline.

Proposal Submission FAQs


At minimum, we need:

  • Proposal Certification Form (PCF);
  • Program Guidelines (if applicable);
  • Scope of Work (a draft of your narrative);
  • Budget and budget narrative.

Most pre-proposals need to be reviewed by the RO. If you answer yes to any of the below questions, we must process your proposal.

  • Requires AOR signature/approval (including submission via online portals –, Fastlane, or other portals);
  • Terms/conditions are included;
  • Requires an itemized budget, or;
  • Cost share is required.

We require five working days (7 calendar days) to review proposals. This gives us enough time to coordinate budget review, proposal review, and obtain the appropriate campus approvals on your project. We want the highest quality proposals submitted.


Montana Tech must follow strict guidelines for sponsored programs and we need to protect both you and Montana Tech from the consequences of not following the guidelines. All proposals must be treated consistently and follow the guidance set forth by the federal government and the Montana Board of Regents. No one wants to receive an award that the university has to decline because we cannot comply with the sponsor’s terms and conditions.