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Limited Submissions

Some funding agencies limit the number of proposals an institution can submit to certain programs. The Research Office attempts to identify the opportunities that best fit the research interests of Montana Tech and coordinate the proposal development and submission of these limited submissions.

If you become aware of programs that are limited submissions, please contact Trisha Southergill in the Research Office so that they may be announced.

Current Opportunities

Limited Submission Opportunity

Title of Program: Major Research Instrumentation (MRI)
Agency: National Science Foundation (NSF)
Solicitaion No.: NSF 18-513
Internal Deadline: October 9, 2020
Purpose: “The Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) Program serves to increase access to multi-user scientific and engineering instrumentation for research and research training in our Nation's institutions of higher education and not-for-profit scientific/engineering research organizations. An MRI award supports the acquisition or development of a multi-user research instrument that is, in general, too costly and/or not appropriate for support through other NSF programs.

MRI provides support to acquire critical research instrumentation without which advances in fundamental science and engineering research may not otherwise occur. MRI also provides support to develop next-generation research instruments that open new opportunities to advance the frontiers in science and engineering research. Additionally, an MRI award is expected to enhance research training of students who will become the next generation of instrument users, designers, and builders.

An MRI proposal may request up to $4 million for either acquisition or development of a research instrument. Beginning with the FY 2018 competition, each performing organization may submit in revised “Tracks” as defined below, with no more than two submissions in Track 1 and no more than one submission in Track 2.”  

Complete details located

External Deadline

Full proposals due January 19, 2021. 

  • Each institution may submit up to three proposals.  No more than two proposals may be for Track 1 and no more than one submission in Track 2.
  • Track 1: those that request funds from NSF greater than or equal to $100,000 and less than $1,000,000.
    • Track 1 proposals requesting less than $100,000 will only be accepted supporting research in the disciplines of mathematics or social, behavioral and economic sciences.
  • Track 2: those that request funds from NSF greater than or equal to $1,000,000 up to and including $4,000,000.
Internal Submission Instructions

If interested in submitting a proposal, please prepare an Internal Statement of Intent, due to Research Office by 5 p.m., October 9, 2020 (email to   Eligible MTech PIs interested in submitting a proposal under this competition must submit the following as part of their Internal Statement of Intent:

  1. Key personnel;
  2. Clear indication of the Track for which you will apply;
  3. Brief description of the proposed project, including a description of the instrument, its significance, and the potential users (approx. 1-2 pages); and,
  4. An estimated budget and short budget narrative, if developing/building requested instrumentation.

The Statement of Intent will be evaluated by the Vice Chancellor for Research who, along with Dean’s Council, will select the proposals to go forward.  Internal applicants will receive a response by October 16, 2020.  If you have any questions, please contact Bev Hartline or Trisha Southergill via email or phone 406-496-4727.