Indirect Costs and Benefits

Research Office

Fringe Benefits and Indirect Cost Rate



Professionals (12 month appointments)

46% of Salary

Contract Faculty

25% of Salary

Classified Personnel (12 month staff)

57% of Salary

Student Employees

3% of Salary

Student Employees--Summer Employment

10% of Salary (if not enrolled in summer classes)



Federal and Private Contracts:
33.5% of modified total direct costs*

State Contracts:
25% of Total Direct Costs

*Modified total direct costs, consisting of all salaries and wages, fringe benefits, materials, supplies, services, travel and subgrants and subcontracts up to the first $25,000 of each subgrant or subcontract (regardless of the period covered by the subgrant or subcontract). Modified total direct costs shall exclude equipment, capital expenditures, charges for patient care, student tuition remission, rental costs of off-site facilities, scholarships and fellowships as well as the portion of each subgrant and subcontract in excess of $25,000.

Federally Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement