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Research Advisory Committee

The Research Advisory Committee serves to ensure the quality and integrity, and promote the vitality of the research programs at Montana Tech. The committee serves as an advisory board to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies on matters brought before it by committee members or Montana Tech faculty. On occasion, the committee will be requested to review, initiate or endorse proposals that relate to research policies, practices, and research budgets from the Montana Tech campus.

  • Assessment

    The Research Advisory Committee will make a periodic assessment of the performance of the campus research effort. This assessment may include, but not be limited to, evaluation of degree production, publications, patents, sponsor feedback, faculty workloads, student scholarship and public support of academic research. The Research Advisory Committee will forward the results of this assessment, along with any recommendations, to the Chancellor for his action.

  • Membership

    The committee shall consist of no less than 8 members selected from the research active faculty at Montana Tech by the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies, with the advice and consent of the Chancellor. The Graduate Council and the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology shall each have at least one member on the committee. The committee shall be chaired by the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies. As needed, the Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the Director of the Office of Contracts and Grants, and the Director of Physical Facilities shall be called to the committee meetings to further advise the board on research-related matters.


The Research Office Annual Reports may be found here.