Montana Tech Pride

Montana Tech Facts & Rankings

 Montana Tech has been recognized for its exceptional educational experience in many ways, including the following:

#2 in the nation for Best Value Occupational Safety & Health degree

OnlineU, 2016

#9 in the Nation for Best Public Universities for ROI (return on investment)

Wall Street Journal, 2016

Nursing students continually receive 100% pass rates on the NCLEX RN exam. Learn more

In 2016, Montana Tech student Molly Brockway, a junior in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, was awarded the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship by the Barry Goldwater Scholarship Foundation. This is the sixth year in a row that a Montana Tech student received the Goldwater scholar or honorable mention honor. Learn more

Over the past 10 years greater than 90% of Montana Tech students who have applied to medical school, dental school, pharmacy programs, etc., have been accepted.


Montana Tech is:

• 1 of 14 universities offering a Bachelor of Science in mining engineering.

• 1 of six universities offering a Bachelor of Science in metallurgical engineering emphasizing extractive metallurgy and mineral processing engineering.

• 1 of 2 U.S. universities offering a B.S. degree in geophysical engineering

• 1 of 20 universities offering a Petroleum Engineering degree