COVID-19 Information

For information about the COVID-19 pandemic, please be in touch with your health care provider. For further information and related health and safety precautions, please visit the CDC website. For information on cases in Montana, including Silver Bow County, please visit

Additional resources are available online at COVID-19 campus information and updates, COVID-19 FAQs, and CARES Act emergency relief fund information.

coronavirus Cares Act for Students

Wash Your Hands!

One of the most effective measures for stopping any infectious disease is frequent and thorough hand washing. Please join the effort and wash your hands a lot! The Centers for Disease Control has an entire webpage on the science behind hand washing. Check it out! There’s more to it than you think.


Coronavirus 2019-nCoV

Cloth Face Coverings Notice & Guide for Usage

Montana Tech is providing a cloth face covering to individuals upon request.  The CDC recommends the use of face coverings in community settings to slow the spread of COVID-19; therefore, Montana Tech is requiring individuals to wear face coverings.  A cloth face covering does not protect the wearer, but it may prevent the spread of COVID-19 to others.  This is especially important when an individual is infected with COVID-19, but is not exhibiting any symptoms of the disease.  Use of a cloth face covering is not a substitute for social distancing measures and does not reduce the importance of other preventative measures such as frequent hand washing.

NOTE: Cloth face coverings are NOT considered personal protective equipment (PPE) and are for consumer, non-medical purposes only.

CDC guidelines for the use and care of face masks should be followed and are accessible here:

The following individuals should not use cloth face masks:

  • Children 2 years of age and under; and
  • Anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the cover without assistance.