Montana Tech has been named to a listing of the top 10 Engineering Schools Just as Good as the Ivies


Montana Tech has been named by College Gazette, the #1 resource for information on higher education in the United States, to a listing of the top 10 Engineering Schools Just as Good as the Ivies.

According to the College Gazette website, “To find a great education, one does not necessarily need to attend a top ranked ivy league school. In fact, many of the top schools in the country can be found at institutions that are not household names.”

There are nearly 1,100 accredited engineering schools in the United State. In the ranking, College Gazette highlighted the top 10:

  1. Florida Institute of Technology 
  2. Louisiana Tech
  3. Tennessee Technological University
  4. Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  5. Stevens Institute of technology
  6. Olin College of Engineering
  7. Lawrence Technological University
  8. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical
  9. Montana Tech 
  10. Rochester Institute of Technology

College Gazette noted, the following on their website about Montana Tech:

“Montana Tech’s focus is on the mining and processing of minerals.  Their motto, De Re Metallica (“On the Nature of Metals,”) is taken from the classic 16th-century book on mining.

Naturally enough, their football team is the “Orediggers.”

But competition is not limited to the gridiron – and MT’s interest in mining is not limited to planet Earth.

The Orediggers robotics team put in an impressive showing at NASA’s Robotic Mining competition, developing an autonomous robot to extract water from lunar soil.

Montana Tech’s in-state tuition is only $6,539, while out-of-state is $19,571.

And MT graduates have a median starting income of $71,000.

This means the ROI for education at this engineering program is among the best in the country – you would make back 3x your in-state tuition for four years with just one year of work!

Both the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post have declared an MT degree to be a remarkable return on investment, far outperforming big-name schools like Harvard and Yale.”

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