Montana Technological University Named Best Value College in Montana

Montana Technological University Named Best Value College in Montana


Best Value Colleges US MapMontana Technological University has been named the best value college in the state of Montana. TextbookRush, an online campus bookstore, just published a study of the best value colleges in the U.S. based on the cost of attendance, early-career earnings, and established career earnings, and Montana Tech ranked number one in Montana.

According to TextbookRush, "Montana Tech stands out, not just because they earned the top spot in Montana, but also because they ranked 53rd out of over 1,700 institutions we researched. Ultimately, this makes them an excellent choice for students looking for a great education at an affordable price."

TextbookRush leveraged data from the College Scorecard and looked at three variables:

  • Cost of attendance
  • Earnings 6 years’ post-enrollment (early career)
  • Earnings 10 years’ post-enrollment (established career)

From there, they removed community colleges, ranked colleges on each attribute, and averaged the three numbers to determine which ones had outcomes of strong career earnings both in the short term and long term without breaking the bank to get there.

“These rankings showcase the exceptional education provided at Montana Tech,” noted Montana Tech Chancellor Dr. Les Cook. “Our science, technology, engineering, math, and healthcare-focused education provides students with strong outcomes and a great return on investment.”

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