Montana Tech Named a Top US College that Pays Off

Montana Tech Named a Top US College that Pays Off


CNBC Make It released a new list of the U.S. colleges that pay off the most, a ranking that spotlights 50 schools that provide students the highest average salaries for their tuition dollars.

The ranking identified the true net cost of each college for the typical American student—including tuition, fees, books, supplies, and other expenses— after subtracting scholarships and grants.

Stanford topped the list of private universities while the University of Washington, Seattle was first on the public university list. Montana Tech, the only Montana university named, was number 16 on the list of public universities.

“We prepare our graduates for the jobs needed around the world,” noted Montana Tech Chancellor Dr. Les Cook. “Our students receive a high-quality education at an affordable cost and have amazing careers as a result.”

The top 16 public universities are: University of Washington, Seattle; University of Washington, Bothell; Massachusetts Maritime Academy, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta; Pursue University, West Lafayette; College of William and Mary; Michigan Technological University; University of California, Los Angeles; Baruch College; University of California, San Diego; University of California, Riverside; New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology; Missouri University of Science and Technology, University of California, Irvine; and Montana Tech.

Dean of the Montana Tech School of Mines & Engineering Dr. Dan Trudnowski added, “We pride ourselves on helping transform hard-working students into successful contributors to society and industry. Montana Tech students come from ordinary beginnings and go on to lead extraordinary lives.”

Founded in 1900 as the Montana State School of Mines, Montana Tech is a public university in Butte, Montana, that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees to nearly 2,700 students. At Montana Tech, all programs derive a special character and emphasis from the unique setting and continued tradition of high quality that has characterized Montana Tech since its founding. Montana Tech has a long-standing reputation for producing outstanding graduates and consistently ranks as one of the best public universities in the country in terms of return on investment. For more information about Montana Tech, please visit

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