Montana Tech and MSU Faculty to Co-Present at National Conference

Montana Tech and MSU Faculty to Co-Present at National Conference


Montana Tech’s own Dr. Elyse Lovell and Montana State University’s Dr. Marilyn Lockhart will make a co-presentation at the Adult Higher Education Alliance (AHEA) Conference this week in Orlando, Florida. In alignment with the Conference theme: “Leaps of Faith – Stories from Working-Class Scholars,” Drs. Lockhart and Lovell will co-present on the topic “Leaps of Faith and Lessons Learned: An Opportunity to Develop Wisdom.”

“I am pleased to be co-presenting with Dr. Lovell,” said Dr. Lockhart, longtime faculty member and Director of MSU’s Center for Faculty Excellence. “We have similar research interests and we both have experience with the ‘leap of faith’ concept.”

AHEA is a national association for college and university faculty. Its purpose is “to help institutions of higher education develop and sustain learning environments and programs suitable for adults” through practitioner research, cooperative collaboration, influencing institutional and public policies and promoting cultural diversity.

The focus of Dr. Lockhart and Dr. Lovell’s conference presentation will be on the development of “support mechanisms and strategies for using wisdom when a career decision is pending.”

“I have learned so much over the years from Dr. Lockhart,” said Dr. Lovell. “I am proud that in addition to a valued colleague, I can also call her my friend. Dr. Lockhart introduced me to this organization when she was the AHEA president.”

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