Montana Tech Participates in 10,000 Hours Montana Project


Montana Tech is participating in the kick-off of the 10,000 Hours Montana Project (aka 10kHrsMT) on the Montana State University campus today. The 10kHrsMT project will leverage partnerships with organizations such as the Million Women Mentors Project, the Montana Girls STEM Collaborative Project, and Montana STEM Mentors, along with educators, government officials, philanthropic organizations and individuals, and community leaders, to empower Montana's educators to deliver 10,000 hours of computing and computer science instruction during Computer Science Education Week (December 7-13, 2015). Even if the goal is reached during Computer Science Education Week, they will continue to support educators and study educator's use of and access to STEM education resources.

“The 10k Project is a perfect fit with Code Montana's goal of reaching out to underrepresented populations throughout Montana, especially in rural areas,” noted Brian Koontz, Montana Tech Computer Science Outreach Coordinator. “We will work with the 10k Project to extend our outreach efforts to young women who are interested in pursuing computer-related careers. This collaboration will strengthen Montana Tech's commitment to attracting Montana high school students to high tech careers in computer science and related fields.”