Highlands College Students Complete Four-Year Fence Project

Highlands College Students Complete Four-Year Fence Project


Highlands College students complete fence project. A project at Highlands College spanning four years was completed this semester. For the past four years, Metals Fabrication students, led by faculty member, Dennis Noel, have been working to replace the existing chain link fence along Basin Creek Road with a new fence, designed and fabricated by the students.

“This was a good, real world project for my students,” said Dennis Noel, Metals Fabrication instructor. “And, there was a strong academic component to the project. I was really proud of all of the students who worked on the various parts of the project.”

Over the past four years, in addition to the fence, the students designed and fabricated two gates (replacing the originals) and also designed and fabricated two large headframes as a design feature for both sides of the main entrance to Highlands College.

“This was a wonderful academic exercise,” said Dr. John M. Garic, Dean of Highlands College. “It was extraordinary because most academic exercises do not last over four years. And I am confident that all of the many students who worked on this project will always point with pride to that fence and their superior workmanship.”

The final group of students who worked on the project this Fall, 2015 semester included:
Aaron Alley, Nathan Rollick, Charlie Cantwell, Peter Gilbert, Zane Hanusa, Lonnie McDonald, Buster Kern, Austin Zemljak, Quin Kittelson and Thomas Reighard.

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