Montana Tech Named a Top College for Nontraditional Students

Montana Tech Named a Top College for Nontraditional Students

10/29/2014 has named Montana Tech a top college for nontraditional students. The university landed No. 38 on the list of 50.

“Having personally started college at 22, married and with a family I have deep appreciation and respect for the student who either starts or comes back to college as an older student,” said Montana Tech Chancellor Don Blackketter. “I am pleased that Montana Tech is recognized for our welcoming and helpful atmosphere for non-traditional students.”

This resource ranks the top 50 colleges for older, nontraditional students (adults, 25 and older, who took time away from academia before beginning or continuing an undergraduate degree). ranked schools on academics, the percentage of older students enrolled, and then narrowed down the list to schools that offer mainly baccalaureate degrees and higher.

According to, the trend of adults returning to school is on the rise. Between 2000 and 2011, the number of nontraditional students enrolled in undergraduate programs rose 41%; they comprised 38% of all undergrads in 2011.

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