Highlands College Instructor Rocks in the New Year

Highlands College Instructor Rocks in the New Year


Highlands College Instructor, Allen Hanson, and two Highlands College students, Robert Neff and Michael Parks, donated a dozen homemade rocking chairs for the children who come to reside at Safe Space. Safe Space is Butte’s own non-profit organization whose mission is to provide assistance to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Each rocking chair came with a teddy bear.

“Often the survivors of domestic violence are children,” said Sabrina White, Manager of the Safe Space shelter. “When these children accompany their mothers to Safe Space, it will be wonderful to have something special with which they can play – something different that they probably would not find anywhere else. We are very grateful to Mr. Hanson the students and Highlands College for thinking of us and the women and children we serve.”

The rocking chairs were designed as pieces of a puzzle. The pieces of the rocking chairs fit and are held together without nails or glue. This allows the children the fun and learning experience of putting the chair together and taking it apart for easy storage. The rocking chairs were cut by Mr. Hanson using a CNC Router, which is a “computer numerical controlled” machine which cuts out the pieces of the rocking chair based on a computer program. Additionally, each of the teddy bears was adorned with two bracelets made by Mr. Hanson using 3-D printers recently acquired by Highlands College.

“Computer controlled routers and 3-D printers are some of the state-of-the-art equipment we utilize in teaching our students at Highlands College,” said Mr. Hanson. “It seemed only natural to me to use this new technology to help those in our community who are the most vulnerable and who are experiencing the crisis of domestic violence or sexual assault.”

Safe Space, Inc. began as a grass roots movement in the early 1970's by local women to address a multitude of needs in Silver Bow County. From these grass roots efforts, the formal organization of Safe Space was created and began addressing the complex needs of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

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