Addiction Incorporated Coming to Tech

Addiction Incorporated Coming to Tech


Montana Tech will screen the documentary film, “Addiction Incorporated,” on Tuesday, October 29th at 7:00 pm in the Library Auditorium. The film has won critical acclaim for its riveting, true story of the tobacco industry’s lies and its attempt to silence the scientist who blew the whistle on the industry. The community is invited to this free screening.

The film shows footage of the scientist testifying at the Congressional hearing at which tobacco firm executives all lied. The hearings led to the lawsuits that ended with the tobacco companies’ settlement of billions of dollars paid to states to recoup some of the money they spent on treating addicted, ill smokers. Many of these trailblazing lawyers and investigative reporters also are featured in the film. 

The film tells the story of scientist Victor DeNoble, who worked for Philip Morris in trying to develop a “safe” cigarette. Instead, he discovered how very addictive the nicotine in tobacco is and told his employer the results of his research. The company immediately closed his laboratory and dismissed him, insisting that he sign a confidentiality agreement. During a dramatic moment, captured on film, Congressman Henry Waxman succeeds in getting the firm to agree to the breaking of that agreement, allowing DeNoble to tell the truth, proving the industry moguls lied before Congress.

Since making the film, Dr. DeNoble has become a strong tobacco-prevention proponent, speaking to schoolchildren, as well as adults, about his experiences and the dangers of tobacco use. He was a Tech guest speaker in 2011 and spoke to a packed audience of students, faculty and staff as well as community members.

“Montana Tech chose to go tobacco-free in 2010,” said Tech Counselor, Joyce O’Neill. “Students surveyed last spring showed the students’ continuous overwhelming support for Tech’s tobacco-free policy. We believe this film definitely will give a historical perspective to the tobacco-free movement.”