Montana Tech Recognizes Its Hallowed Ground

Montana Tech Recognizes Its Hallowed Ground


At 1:00 pm on Saturday, September 21st, Montana Tech will unveil its “Hallowed Ground” edifice located just beyond the North End Zone of Alumni Coliseum. The structure has three bricked columns with two wide, wrought iron gates, under a curved steel arch emblazoned with the words “Hallowed Ground”.

 “I believe that anyone who is or has participated in athletic competition knows that amazing feeling of stepping out onto the field or the court or the arena,” said Bill Ryan, Chair of the Trades & Technical Department and primary builder of the structure. “That feeling of having the privilege of representing your university or your team makes athletics more than a sport. It transforms the field, or the court or the arena into something more. It’s hallowed ground. That’s what we tried to achieve here.”

The construction of the Hallowed Ground structure was a major team effort of those volunteers who love Tech and who love sport. The project took about 2 1/2 months to complete and well over 100 volunteer hours. Along with Bill Ryan, other volunteers included:

  • On Foundation work and Masonry: Bill Booth, Mike Vincent & Crew, Matt Vincent and Shawn Soyland;
  • On Steelwork for the Arch: Tony Patrick, Shawn Marsall, James Roberts and Ty Denny;
  • On Steelwork for the Gates: Paul Hart, Travis Eskelson and Tony Knott;
  • On Painting: AFFCO;
  • On the Copper caps: Ray Booth;
  • On General All-Around Labor: Highlands College Construction Tech students and the entire Montana Tech Football Team. 

“The Hallowed Ground structure is a wonderful addition to Alumni Coliseum and Montana Tech,” said Dr. Don Blackketter, Chancellor of Montana Tech. “Columnist George Will once said that ‘sports genuinely serve society because they provide vivid examples of the pursuit of excellence.’ That makes so much sense to me because here at Tech, the young men and women athletes who represent us pursue excellence both on and off the field. On behalf of the entire Tech family, I extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all those volunteers and donors who helped in the construction.”

Tech’s football team will start a new dramatic tradition of coming onto the field by running under the arch and through the gates. On the center column there will be polished granite which will state “We are Orediggers. We will protect this Hallowed Ground against all claim jumpers.” The team will touch the granite as they take the field. 

For any further information about this issue or any issue pertaining to Montana Tech or Highlands College, please contact Amanda Badovinac at 406-496-4828.