National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship informational workshop Sept. 20

National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship informational workshop Sept. 20


A message from Beverly Karplus Hartline, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor for Research and Dean of the Graduate School:

U.S. citizen and permanent resident students, who are undergrad seniors or in their first year of grad school and interested in STEM graduate study, are eligible to apply for the NSF National Graduate Fellowship.

The deadlines vary slightly by field, but they are in early November. The application consists of a GRE score, letters of reference, transcript, personal statement, and brief research proposal. The fellowship provides $30K per year stipend for up to 3 years of the next five, plus a tuition allowance. The fellowship can be used at any accredited U.S. university and many foreign ones, as well. Receiving one of these fellowships is not only a financial benefit to graduate students but is also extremely prestigious.

Students who apply as undergraduates will either be funded or receive reviewer comments that can help them prepare a more competitive application during their first year of grad school. Students who apply in their first year of grad school typically have only one “chance.”

I am inviting any graduating seniors or first-year grad students to attend this lunch workshop on preparing a competitive NGF application. The workshop will be September 20, 2013 from noon to 2 p.m. in the Big Butte Room. Students who RSVP with Annalee Werkmeister to attend this session will be provided with a “lunch ticket” to cover the lunch of their choice at Marcus Deli and bring it to the Big Butte Room for the workshop. Please share this opportunity with seniors and new graduate students who might be interested.

Though only U.S. citizens and permanent residents are eligible for the NGF program, other students are also invited as the session will provide suggestions useful for preparing competitive applications for other types of fellowships and grants. Also, although only STEM students would be eligible for the fellowship, others are also welcome to attend this session. Interested students who have not yet taken the GRE should register asap to do so as soon as possible, in order to have scores available by the deadline required for the Fellowship.