Wilderness Preparation Class Offered this Fall

Wilderness Preparation Class Offered this Fall


Do you have the skills needed to spend a night in the field? Can you make a fire, build a shelter or provide first aid for a friend or yourself? Do you plan your field activities in sufficient detail that you could be located quickly by rescuers if needed? Could you rescue a friend if they were buried in an avalanche? Ask yourself – do I have the essential skills to survive in the outdoors?

Montana Tech is again offering this new course during the fall semester 2013 focusing on preparing students and community members for outdoor recreational activities. Course content will include training in First Aid/CPR/AED and Wilderness First Aid. Additional course elements will include Map Reading and Land Navigation; preparation for field movement to include planning and proper selection of personal clothing, field gear and equipment. Weather and terrain analysis plus avalanche awareness to include safety considerations will be stressed. Lab events will include American Red Cross certifications, map reading with a land navigation practical exercise, shelter building and fire craft with a terminal exercise in a wilderness setting.

All instruction will be presented by experienced employees of The Peak, Inc. Many of the instructors hold advanced credentials in field craft and possess specialized training certifications. Our instructors have proven themselves through past training events and testimonials from previous students.

Students will be able to obtain American Red Cross certifications upon completion of the course.  The lab exercises will be conducted on three (3) Saturdays – students will move to a designated area adjacent to the college for Land Navigation and fire craft/shelter building. Students will be transported to and from an outlying location for the final practical exercise.

Due to training and safety considerations, the Wilderness Preparation Skills course will be limited to 20 students. Traditional classes will be conducted in a new classroom in the recently upgraded HPER. Class hours on week days will be from 6 pm to 9 pm Thursdays. Field activities will usually be from 10 am until completed - weather permitting. For more information, please contact John Nugent at 406-494-7999.