Montana Tech Chancellor Frank Gilmore Announces Intent to Retire

Montana Tech Chancellor Frank Gilmore Announces Intent to Retire



Butte, MT - At the close of the Board of Regents meeting on the Montana Tech Campus today, Chancellor Frank Gilmore announced his intent to retire effective June 30, 2011. Gilmore said, "By that date I will have reached my 76th year of life and it is time for Ann and me to begin a new stage."

"About a year ago we made the decision to make this our last year of public employment. During our thirteen years here, the students, faculty and staff have achieved a number of significant accomplishments for which we can all be proud. Today we find ourselves at an apex which will lead to either a plateau or a giant mountain. Climbing that giant mountain requires new leadership to re-invigorate the university and give it the spirit and stamina to reach the next level of excellence."

Chancellor Gilmore also expressed his appreciation to the Board of Regents, the Montana University System, The University of Montana, the Butte and Anaconda communities, and especially the Montana Tech students, faculty and staff for the opportunity to serve higher education in Montana. In June 2011, Frank Gilmore will have completed a 44-year higher educational career which was begun as an assistant professor at the University of Mississippi in 1967.

As they transition to the most mature stage of their lives, Frank and Ann Gilmore want all their friends across the nation, indeed across the world, to know how absolutely appreciative they are for the support and friendship they have received from so many wonderful people. For the past 44 years, home for the Gilmores has included Oxford, Mississippi (26 years), Montgomery, West Virginia (5 years), and Butte, Montana (over 12 years). Ann and Frank feel their move to Butte was made so easy because the people here are so warm and welcoming and because the community is strongly supportive of Montana Tech.

In retirement the Gilmores plan to live in Oxford, Mississippi where they have a home and a tree farm and in Wise River, Montana where they are building a home. With a smile Frank quipped, "The 1,800-mile commute is a little longer than my current walk across the street. I plan to be totally involved in operating and promoting Montana Tech until my last day on June 30th. At that point I will completely step aside and leave my successor to move this great place forward. However, Ann and I will always be Montana Tech supporters with one of our goals being to increase the fledgling Gilmore Family Scholarship Endowment."

The process to select Frank’s replacement will be defined and communicated over the course of the next few weeks.