New Work of Art at the COT

New Work of Art at the COT



Montana Tech’s College of Technology has a new work of art, a large metal flower sculpture, designed and created by Tony Patrick, Adjunct Instructor in the Metals Fabrication Program. The sculpture, with over 120 hours of donated time and labor by its creator, is a representation of a daisy. It measures approximately 10 feet tall and 4 feet wide. Fabricated out of steel, the entire sculpture will rust to a natural, beautiful patina, except for the bright yellow center of the flower.

"Tony’s sculpture pleases me so very much," said Dr. John Garic, Dean of the College. "Author John Updike said, ‘What art offers is space--a certain breathing room for the spirit.’ And this sculpture does just that. It represents for me a lot of what Montana symbolizes: large – out in the open – beautiful."The art work was "planted" in the new flower bed started last summer in the northwest corner of the interior island of the COT’s driveway. The sculpture was so large, the installation required the efforts of Bill Ryan, Chair of the Trades & Technical Department, Jim Babst and Jim Wheeldon, Lineman Program Instructors, Terry Gavigan, COT Facilities Supervisor, Steve Luft, Associate Dean and some of the Lineman Program students. The sculpture’s size and weight is so great that one of the Lineman Program trucks was used to lift and transport the creation to its final resting place where it was cemented in place.

Tony wishes to thank his wife, Marilyn Patrick, COT Administrative Associate, for her idea and vision for the flower and her help and support during its creation.