Montana Tech Takes Precautionary Measures Following Email Release of Personal Data

Montana Tech Takes Precautionary Measures Following Email Release of Personal Data



Montana Tech of the University of Montana administrators are notifying students and alumni whose personal information was released in an e-mail message sent out to the Montana Tech campus community late last week.

On April 22, 2010, an email message containing sensitive personal information including name, social security number, address, phone number, and in some cases date of birth was inadvertently sent out to all Montana Tech faculty, staff, and students.

"We are treating this matter very seriously and are taking all measures to safeguard the personal information of those affected," noted Chancellor Frank Gilmore. "We have recalled the email message, reviewed procedures to ensure that a similar incident does not occur in the future, and investigated methods to protect the credit of those affected. The University is working diligently to address problems caused by this incident and any further implications it might have."

According to University officials, the email contained sensitive information for approximately 260 individuals. "Our major concern at this point is protecting the personal information of those involved," Gilmore explained. To that end, University officials have attempted to contact—via phone, email, and/or letters—all those affected. In addition, Montana Tech has created a website to provide information and assist those affected in protecting their personal information at

Montana Tech does want individuals to be aware of any phone calls, e-mails, and other communications from individuals claiming to be from Montana Tech or other official sources, asking for their personal information or verification of the information. This is often referred to as information solicitation. Montana Tech, other governmental agencies, and other legitimate organizations will not contact individuals to ask for or to confirm personal information without appropriate identification.