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Mining Engineering

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male and female mining students participating in a surveying challenge at the 2016 Intercollegiate Mining Competition

Bachelor of Science and Master of Science programs are available.  No options are available.  Our graduates have a strong background in mining, excellent engineering and design skills, and great computer and communication skills.  Our graduates also have one extremely important additional trait, practical experience.  Students complete two to three summers of work in the mining industry, prior to graduation.

Mining engineers design, construct, and manage surface and underground mines in an environmentally responsible manner. A mining engineer must be proficient in the permitting, planning, development, operation, reclamation and closure of mines and be able to apply, in the field, the technical skills required. Graduates work in a variety of U.S. and international companies mining coal, precious metals, industrial minerals and base metals. Graduates also work in regulatory agencies.

Montana Tech's Mining Engineering graduates benefit from a consistent placement rate of 100% and high starting salaries.

Bachelor of Science

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Master of Science

Master of Science candidates in Mining Engineering may choose to study in the areas of mechanics of geologic materials, blasting, materials handling, mine valuation, ventilation, geostatistics, mine design, mine safety, and environmental management and design of mines.

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