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Jerry Downey - Metallurgical and Materials Engineering - Montana Tech

Metallurgical & Materials Engineering

Jerry Downey

Jerome P. (Jerry) Downey, Ph.D., P.E.

Goldcorp Professor of Extractive Metallurgy
Campus Director, Materials Science Ph.D. Program

Office: 215 ELC Building
Phone: 406-496-4578
E-mail: E-mail Jerry Downey

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Dr. Downey is the Goldcorp Professor of Extractive Metallurgy at Montana Tech, where he also serves as the campus Director of the Montana University System Materials Science Ph.D. program. Dr. Downey earned his Ph.D. in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering at Colorado School of Mines and his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Metallurgical Engineering at Montana Tech. He is a registered professional engineer with active licenses in Colorado and Montana. His 40+ years of professional experience includes industrial operations, applied process research and development, and corporate management. His technical expertise includes chemical and metallurgical thermodynamics, thermal processing, materials synthesis and processing, and hazardous materials treatment.

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High temperature process research is the cornerstone of my research program. Current and recent projects involve synthesis of carbide ceramics, vapor transport of rare earth element halogens, and the enhancement of copper and silver extraction from flotation concentrate. Other recent research focused on the study of fundamental properties of ionic melts such as slags and molten salts.

Energy and related environmental considerations provide impetus for much of my research. My approach has been to develop ways to recover recyclable commodities and/or energy in addition to destroying or stabilizing hazardous waste components. Examples include thermal processes that recover gas or liquid fuels from municipal solid waste, automobile shredder residue, tires, and various polymer wastes. I also investigate methods for recovering metal from electronic scrap, spent catalyst, geothermal brine, organometallic, and other forms of industrial waste.

I also have an active research interest in aqueous processing applications, including hydrometallurgy, corrosion, and wastewater treatment. One of my current projects relates to the development of a novel continuous flow ion exchange system for capturing metal ions from very dilute wastewater sources such as acid rock drainage.


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Montana Tech Campus Director of the MUS Collaborative Materials Science Ph.D. Program (2013 – present).
Thesis advisor and committee chair for 5 Ph.D. students (all current) and 13 M.S. students (2 current; 11 completed); research committee member for 8 Ph.D. students (5 current; 3 completed) and 12 M.S. students (2 current; 10 completed).
Active member of The Metals, Minerals, and Materials Society of AIME (TMS) and member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE).

Executive Editor, International Journal of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering (2015 – present).

Peer reviewer for the following journals: Ceramics International; Hydrometallurgy; JOM; Journal of Cleaner Production; Metallurgical Transactions B; Minerals Engineering, Portugaliae Electrochimica Acta.

  • Montana Tech Distinguished Researcher Award (2016)
  • Montana Tech Faculty Merit Award (2013, 2016)
  • Goldcorp Professorship (2009 – present)
  • Hazen Research Professor of Extractive Metallurgy (2014)
  • Academic Fellow, Center for Advanced Mineral Processing (2006)
  • Montana Tech Alumni Recognition Award (1996)