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Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Industrial Advisory Board

The mission of the Advisory Board of the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department (M&ME) at Montana Tech is to promote volunteerism, actively support fundraising, maintain relevancy of program educational objectives (PEOs) and inform faculty/staff members of important trends in government, industry and academia so that changes to course content, curricula, and graduate studies can be discussed and, if necessary, implemented, thereby helping the department maintain its mission. In order to ensure the high standards of M&ME are maintained and any potential inconsistencies with the Department Mission are identified and addressed, the Advisory Board intends to review the effect of the Materials PhD program on the M&ME program while supporting M&ME efforts to make the PhD program a success for Montana Tech. 

As one of the oldest programs at Montana Tech of the University of Montana, the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (M&ME) Program continues to serve the  historical mission of the School of Mines and Engineering and therefore the needs and interests of mineral- and metal-related industries while simultaneously addressing those of the materials industries in order to provide students a broad and quality education with an appropriate blend of theory and practice so that they can successfully enter into a career in these industries and become productive members of society in a healthy, safe, professional and ethical manner. 

IAB Members

  • Corby Anderson
  • Kathy Arnold - "Executive Member"
  • Barb Arnold - "Executive Member"
  • Steve Busby
  • Terry Caetano
  • Mike Eiselein
  • Mike Garska
  • Kelcey Garza - "Executive Member"
  • Jacob Hohn - "Executive Member"
  • John Hollow
  • Zack Kelly
  • Kallen Konen
  • John Krstulich
  • John Mansanti - "Executive Member"
  • Mick McCaslin - "Executive Member"
  • Jay McCloskey
  • Tom McIntyre - "Executive Member"
  • Michael Moates
  • John Quinn
  • Bert Robins
  • Greg Roset - "Executive Member"
  • Keri St. John - "Executive Member"
  • William Shropshire
  • Scott Shuey
  • Stacy Torrey
  • Gary Tuss
  • Larry Twidwell - "Executive Member"
  • Larry Watters - "Executive Member"
  • Eric Young