Distance Learning; Materials Science

Materials Science and Engineering

Distance Learning

It is possible for students to earn the MS/MSE degree almost entirely via distance learning. The degree requirements for the non-thesis and thesis alternatives are essentially the same as those previously described for students in residence at Montana Tech. Off-campus research is encouraged for qualified students. This alternative enables off-campus students to enter the thesis-track and conduct their M.S. research at their place of employment. Student participation is subject to the following stipulations:

distance learning; materials science PhD
  • The student must be employed by a company, national laboratory, or government agency or department (the Employer) prior to admission to the program and, to enter the thesis track, the proposed research must be approved in writing by an authorized representative of the Employer, the student’s academic advisor, and the Dean of the Graduate School.
  • The thesis research project must be well defined and acceptable to the graduate student’s advisory committee. The thesis may be based on either fundamental or applied research that involves (original) computational and/or experimental research to investigate a current problem of interest to the field of materials science and engineering.
  • Where possible, a qualified representative of the Employer will serve as an on-site thesis committee member; to qualify as a committee member, the individual must be a professional with an M.S. or Ph.D. degree in materials science and engineering or a closely related field.
  • The student must follow the published Montana Tech guidelines for thesis content, format, preparation, and defense.
  • The student must be on-campus in person for the thesis defense.
  • The student must register every semester that he or she is working toward fulfillment of the degree requirements.