International Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Studying outside of your home country is a big decision. There are many questions that you will have. Please feel free to look through the list of common questions and if you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us.


International students must register for 12 credits each fall and spring semester. You must contact the director of international services before you drop below that credit load, so that you can be advised on the consequences.  Some extenuating circumstances may allow you to legally go below 12 credits.


You are required to have your I-20 documentation on your person and you need to maintain a current passport valid for six months into the future at all times.


In most cases, no, you cannot work while you are in F-1 status.  However, there are some exceptions.  For example, if you can find a job on campus, you may work 20 hours or less/week.  You should schedule an appointment with the director of international services to learn more about your options.


The director of international services will help you open a bank account.  Please schedule an appointment to discuss this.

Yes, you may take the driver’s exam and pass a road test in order to do so.  You can find more information at  Driver’s licenses and exams are issued at the Driver Services Bureau, located at 3611 Wynne Ave. It is good idea to practice taking the test in advance.

All students are required to complete the Form 8843.  We have volunteers who will help you file your taxes when it is time.


In most cases, yes, you may change your major.  However, you should talk to the director of international services before you do this to make sure the new major is allowed, particularly if you are a sponsored student.  If you do change your major, your I-20 must be updated and a new one must be issued.


The director of international services will help you open a bank account.  Please schedule an appointment to discuss this.


No, but you do need to get a travel signature from a designated school official. 


If you are legally in the United States on a F-1 visa, you can choose to transfer to another college or university if you submit the documents they require, and you are accepted into the institution.  If you wish to transfer to another university, please provide the director of international services or with an letter of acceptance, so they can transfer your SEVIS record to the new school.  You must fill out the intent to transfer form as soon as possible.


Yes.  The director of international services needs to know your physical address while you are in the United States.  This means if you move, you must update your address within 10 days.

  • Extending your expected date of graduation
  • Changing Schools
  • Changing levels (example, moving from an undergraduate to a graduate level)
  • Changing you major
  • Funding changes
  • Name changes

Although Margie Pascoe is your primary contact once you are a student at Montana Tech, there are a few other people who can sign your paperwork or help you with your SEVIS record in the event that she is not on campus.

Angela Stillwagon, Designated School Official
Office: Student Success Center, Room 3.126
Phone: 406-496-4843
Email Address: