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common questions for international students

International Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Studying outside of your home country is a big decision. There are many questions that you will have. Please feel free to look through the list of common questions and if you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us.


We have transfer agreements with BCIT.  Contact enrollment services for more information at or 1-800-445-8324.

  • BCIT Mining Tech to Mining Engineering
  • BCIT Mining Tech to Geological Engineering

We have transfer agreements with NAIT and SAIT.  Contact enrollment services for more information at or 1-800-445-8324.

  • SAIT/NAIT Petroleum Tech to Petroleum Engineering
  • SAIT Civil Engineering Tech to Civil Engineering
  • SAIT Mechanical Engineering Tech to Mechanical Engineering
  • SAIT Welding Engineering to Mechanical Engineering
  • SAIT Engineering Design to Civil Engineering

Montana Tech is located in Butte, Montana, which is in southwestern Montana surrounded by beautiful mountain landscapes.


Butte's population is made up of about 35,000 people. Butte was built upon rich deposits of gold, silver, copper, molybdenum, and manganese; thus, it has a rich mining history.

Butte and the surrounding area offer many outdoor recreational activities such as fishing, skiing, hiking, ice skating, cross country skiing, camping, hunting and much more. Please visit our outdoors pages to learn more.


If you arrive on campus for fall semester (beginning late August), the weather will be fairly warm. Expect the average temperature to be approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius). Students usually dress casually in jeans and t-shirts. The temperature generally drops in October and November, with temperatures ranging from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Heavier jackets, gloves and long sleeved shirts will be necessary.

If you arrive on campus for Spring semester (beginning mid-January), temperatures in the winter months (December - February) are cold, varying from 30 degrees Fahrenheit to well below 0. At an elevation of 5500 feet, Butte enjoys sunny and snowy days. At this time of year, you will need a heavy jacket,warm gloves, winter boots and a hat and scarf. Skiing and other winter activities are popular past times in Butte.


You must have your Certificate of Eligibility (Form I 20) for an F-1 visa and your statement of financial support.

At the point of entry, immigration officials will inspect your passport, visa, and statement of financial support. They will also retain the first page of the Form I-20, and issue a form I-94 (usually stapled to your passport). Canadian students must have $6 U.S. to pay for this form at the border.

Upon arrival, the Office of Foreign Student & Scholar Services will assist you with opening up a bank account. It is not a good idea to travel with large sums of cash. You should have enough cash to cover travel expenses until you arrive on campus.

The placement exam is a free exam that we administer at Montana Tech. The placement exam will measure your abilities in math and English and help us decide in which classes we should register you. The cost is $25.
All freshmen and undergraduate students who have earned less than 30 semester credits are required to live on campus in Montana Tech's Residence Halls (dorms). You may find the residence hall applications here. If you are not a freshman, you may still choose to live on campus.
Delta Airlines flies into the Bert Mooney Airport in Butte, Montana (airport code BTM).
If you inform us in advance of your travel plans, we can arrange to have someone pick you up at the airport. You should email your flight schedule to at least three weeks prior to arrival.