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Metals Fabrication - Trades and Technology - Montana Tech

Metals Fabrication Technology

metals fabrication technology at Montana Tech

The Metals Fabrication A.A.S is made up of one year of precision machining coursework followed by one year of coursework in welding technology. If a student wishes to exit to the workforce, he/she will have either a C.A.S. in precision machining technology or a C.A.S. in welding technology, which will be dependent on whether they start with the first two semesters of welding or the first two semesters of precision machining.

The Metals Fabrication program offers you the training for a career in a hands-on, high-demand field constructing and repairing projects involving vehicles, heavy equipment, pipelines, manufacturing equipment, and industrial construction. You’ll learn the skills needed to machine parts for aerospace, medical, mining and automotive industries and produce these projects by drawing and following various blueprints, diagrams and specification.

The hands-on welding technology portion of this degree teaches students how to work in a variety of environments like manufacturing, industrial construction, aerospace, and constructing pipelines.

Metals Fabrication students are prepared for employment as entry level machinists or welders.

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Why Pursue a Metals Fabrication Technology degree at Montana Tech?

  • Talented instructors with professional experience provide personal instruction.
  • You’ll develop outstanding individual and team skills to better prepare you for a high-demand field.
  • Hands-on opportunities with ARC, GAS, MIG, TIG, and Plasma welding as well as lathe, milling and CNC machine applications.
  • You’ll be able to use any manual tools, equipment, and software typically used in the metals industry.
  • Affordable tuition for a focused range of courses is a smart investment.

Jim LeProwseJim LeProwse

Welding Instructor

Scott DavisScott Davis

Precision Machining Instructor