Pre-Apprenticeship Lineman Certificate

Pre-Apprenticeship Line Program

one semester program, marketable skillsOur one-semester pre-line apprentice certificate program prepares you for groundman and apprentice positions within the line trade. You will learn how to assist with the installation, construction, maintenance, and repair of electrical power line systems.

The program was originally developed in response to a nationwide shortage of skilled line workers, a demand that continues today. According to a recent survey of the Montana utility industry, there is still a significant need (40-50 new apprentice positions per year) for individuals with the skills provided by the Pre-Apprenticeship Line Program.

The program is an ongoing collaborative effort of many organizations who have come together to oversee the program and ensure future line-workers have the skills needed in industry. These include:

  • Montana Technological University
  • Montana Department of Labor and Industry
  • NorthWestern Energy
  • Montana Co-op Association
  • Rural Electric Association
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)
  • National Electrical Contractors Association

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Why Pursue a Pre-Apprentice Line degree at Montana Tech?

  • This is a high-demand field with immediate need and anticipated growth throughout Montana and the nation.
  • Personal, hands-on instruction throughout the semester of courses.
  • Opportunities to work with a wide variety of tools, equipment, and techniques typically used in the line industry.
  • Affordable tuition for a focused range of courses is a smart investment.

Michael Troy Ramey, pre-apprenticeship line program instructorMichael (Troy) Ramey

Pre-apprenticeship Line Program Instructor

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For additional information about program availability and the application process, contact Niki Wilcox.