Welcome from the Dean of the Graduate School!

Graduate programs at Montana Tech equip students with the ‘hands-on’ know how that will be essential to solve the vast societal challenges in energy, environment, materials, and health.  Even as the sum total of documented STEM knowledge is now available at our fingertips, the answers to the emerging societal challenges require synthesis of new ideas.  Thus, ingenuity, creativity, and entrepreneurship will be required of tomorrow’s STEM leaders, and Montana Tech strives to instill these attributes in our students.

The Montana Tech Graduate School is doubling down on its efforts to imbue programs with hands-on, applied, and experiential learning opportunities.  Our thesis-based students will continue to work on ‘wicked moonshot’ problems that are at the interface of disciplines.  Our distance students and adult learners will continue to be offered accessible, concentrated on-campus practicums. We will continue to grow and expand our offerings to meet the needs of the working professional in remote locations.

As a graduate student at Montana Tech, you will bring cutting-edge technology to environmental, health, and engineering challenges.  You will work to solve trans-disciplinary endeavors, that have immediate local, regional, national and global impacts. We hope you will join us in growing Montana Tech’s legacy as “The University of Innovation and Opportunity."  

Angela Lueking
Dr. Angela Lueking, 
Dean of the Graduate School


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Dr. Angela Lueking
Dean of the Graduate School
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