Geology Graduate School - Montana Tech

Geoscience, Geology Option, M.S.

Department Overview

A Master of Science in Geoscience with an “Option in Geology” allows specialization in many fields of Applied Geology.  For example, recent graduate students in this option have investigated the origin of hydrothermal talc mineralization in SW Montana, water-rock interaction and acid mine drainage in Butte, and the bio-geochemistry of natural wetlands near abandoned mines.

All recent MS graduates in Geology have found employment in their chosen field.  Career opportunities for geologists with an M.S. degree are diverse, and include State and Federal government agencies (e.g., Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology, USDA Forest Service, US Bureau of Land Management), resource extraction industries (mining, petroleum), and private consulting companies.

Requirements and Options
Admission Requirements:    BS in Geological, Mining, Geophysical, or Civil Engineering
  • A: Thesis (default) or Publishable Paper with approval of Department
  • B: Non-Thesis
  • TC 5160 Graduate Writing Seminar
Seminar Requirements:
  • ENGR 5940 Engineering Seminar (1)
Course Requirements:

Thesis: 30 credits, minimum of 15 at 500 level, remainder at 400 level; Non-thesis: 36 credits, minimum of 18 at 500 level, remainder at 400 level. Course schedule is determined in cooperation with Faculty advisor.

More Information

Contact Information

Dr. Chris Gammons
MG 213C (Mining & Geology Building)