Montana Tech’s graduate degree and certificate programs assist students in achieving the following accomplishments within a few years of graduation:

  1. Professional advancement in their careers. This objective includes “retooling” for a new profession and becoming established in that profession;
  2. Recognition by their employers as bringing, applying, and integrating valuable, advanced, state-of-the-art knowledge, skills, and understanding that contributes significantly to the organization;
  3. Success in keeping up-to-date professionally, thereby contributing to meeting the changing needs of society in the field and for the organization.

Graduate Programs at Montana Tech assist students to acquire and master deep knowledge and advanced professional skills in degree fields aligned with Montana Tech’s mission. Graduate programs may either formulate and document their own program-specific student outcomes, subject to review and endorsement by the Graduate Council or adopt a subset of the Graduate School’s student outcomes.

Master’s degree programs and certificate programs must address at least four of the outcomes, while doctoral programs must address all five. Students completing graduate degrees and certificates at Montana Tech will:

  1. Acquire up-to-date, advanced knowledge, skills, and understanding in the degree area, as needed to meet the changing needs of society;
  2. Blend theory with practice to integrate, problem solve, and apply advanced knowledge, skills and understanding in the degree area;
  3. Develop skills in communicating technical and complex material orally, in writing, and using various media for a broad range of audiences;
  4. Demonstrate leadership skills and ethical principles applicable to the discipline and profession. Where applicable, this outcome includes the ability to enable the responsible and sustainable development and use of natural resources, including the protection and/or restoration of the environment;
  5. Make a significant and original contribution to advance knowledge in the discipline, the tools of discovery, or a major application.