thesis deadlines

Graduate School

Thesis Deadlines

In order to participate in the Commencement Ceremony, you must:

  • Successfully defend your thesis or present your publishable paper by last day of class.
  • Submit thesis corrections to Victoria Pagan by last day of final exams.
  • Submit the completed Check-Out List to graduate office by last day of final exams.

Deadlines are non-negotiable! Graduate students and graduate advisory committees should be in close communication during the thesis and publishable paper preparation and defense period. Good planning early in the term will alleviate last minute difficulties by allowing the committee members to review the thesis or publishable paper draft and to plan the defense, paper presentation or examination to suit the student and committee’s schedule. It is important to arrange for the defense or presentation in a timely manner to avoid the risk of committee members being unavailable due to finals and other obligations.


Submit draft to e-thesis manager and schedule defense: at least 2 weeks prior to defense*

Two weeks before last day of class Two weeks before last day of class Two weeks before last day of class
Absolute last day to defend* Last day of class Last day of class Last day of class
Final draft approved by committee and Graduate School, submitted to thesis manager Last day of exams Last day of exams Last day of exams
Final check-out list and all required forms to Grad School* Last day of exams Last day of exams Last day of exams

Students are encouraged to submit theses and hold defenses as early as possible. The dates above are final deadlines.

The thesis defense is a public seminar. It must be scheduled and announced no later than two weeks prior to the defense date. A waiver must be requested from the graduate dean if you anticipate needing to schedule a thesis defense after the last day of class or with an announcement period of less than two weeks.

*Exceptions require a petition to the graduate dean. Missing the defense deadline or the final checkout deadline will require the student to register for at least one thesis credit in the following term. No exceptions will be granted to the final check out date. Other deadlines are subject to the willingness of the committee chair and members. Faculty members have many responsibilities and obligations, especially during the period approaching the end of any term. When students miss the thesis draft deadlines, faculty may be unable to review the thesis in time for the asterisked deadlines to be met. Faculty members have no obligation to accommodate students who fail to meet these deadlines.

**Subject to the willingness and availability of committee chair and members, many of whom are not on campus during the summer.