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Senate Roster

Faculty Senate

Roster 2019-2020

College of Letters, Science and Professional Studies

CLSPS Senators
Department Senator
Biological Sciences (2 years)  Stella Capoccia (Vice Chair, 2020) 
Business and Information Technology (3 years)  Rita Spear (2022) 
Chemistry (2 years)  Karen Wesenberg (2020)
Computer Science, Software Engineering and Network Technology (2 years)  Phil Curtiss (2021)
Health Care Informatics (3 years)  Charie Faught (Chair, 2022) 
Liberal Studies (3 years)  John Ray (2022) 
Mathematical Science (2 years)  Atish Mitra (Secretary 2020) 
Nursing (3 years)  Miriam Young (2020) 
Professional and Technical Communication (3 years)  Chad Okrusch (2021)


Highlands College

Highlands College Senators
Department Senator
Business and Accounting Technology (2 years)  Vicki Petritz (2021) 
Health Programs (3 years)  Laura Young (2022)
Trades and Technology (3 years)  Tony Patrick (2021) 
General Studies (3 years) Vacant

Research, Library and Adjunct Faculty

Research, Library and Adjunct Faculty Senators
Department Senator
Adjunct Faculty (3 years)  Vacant
Library Faculty (3 years)  Ulana Holtz (2021)
Research Faculty (CAMP) (3 years)  Ron White (2021)
Research Faculty (MBMG) (2 years)  Jackie Timmer (2020) 

School of Mines and Engineering

School of Mines and Engineering Senators
Department Senator
Electrical Engineering (2 years)  Matt Donnelly (2020)
Environmental Engineering (3 years)  Katherine Zodrow (2020)
Civil Engineering (2 years)  Kishor Shrestha (2020) 
Mechanical Engineering (2 years)  Peter Lucon (2020) 
Geological Engineering (3 years)  Chris Gammon (2022)
Geophysical Engineering (3 years)  Khalid Miah (2022) 
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2 years)  Courtney Young (2020) 
Mining Engineering (2 years)  Abhishek Choudhury (2020) 
Petroleum Engineering (2 years) Mary North Abbott (2021) 
Safety, Health and Industrial Hygiene (2 years) Dan Autenrieth (2020) 

Terms are for 2 or 3 years, as chosen by the department/area. Elections are held in March with terms expiring in May. The senator-elect and the retiring senator are invited to attend the last senate meetings of the academic year. Faculty Senate officers for the following academic year will be elected by the new senate at the last meeting of the academic year.