Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning FAQs

FAQs About CAPP (Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning)

Below you'll find a list of anticipated Frequently Asked Questions regarding CAPP. If you have a question that's not addressed below, please contact Enrollment Services at or 406-496-4256.


CAPP was created starting with the 2007 catalog. This error appears if you are trying to run an evaluation in CAPP and the catalog term we have in our system for you is prior to Fall 2007. If you intend to graduate from a catalog more recent than what we have in our system, you can change your catalog term by completing the Change Catalog Term Form. Once we process your catalog term change, you should be able to run a CAPP evaluation.

Also, CAPP was programmed for all AAS, AS, and BS degrees. Certificates and graduate degrees are not programmed into CAPP; therefore you'll also get this error if you're trying to run a CAPP evaluation and you're in a certificate or graduate program.

Additionally, CAPP will not work for students in Pre-Nursing or for post-baccalaureate students (students that have already earned a bachelor's degree). However, post-bacc students and students in Pre-Nursing can run an evaluation using the What-If Analysis.

When you click on the Run a CAPP Evaluation link from the CAPP menu in OrediggerWeb and select the term, you'll see a summary of the information we have on file for you, including your catalog term. If the catalog term that's listed is not the catalog from which you wish to graduate, you can change it by completing the Change Catalog Term Form. Once we process your catalog term change, you'll be able to run a CAPP evaluation for the correct catalog.
All degree candidates must meet the degree requirements listed in the Montana Tech Undergraduate Catalog in effect when they first entered the College or any subsequent undergraduate catalog that is in effect up to graduation, provided there has not been a break in attendance of the academic school year (excluding summer school, Internship enrollment, and field course work).
If you want to change your degree option, or add another option, you can do so by completing the Declare Option Form. Once we process your option declaration, you'll be able to see it on your CAPP evaluation.
If you'd like to pursue a minor, you need to let Enrollment Services know by completing the Minor Declaration Form. Once we receive process your minor declaration, you'll be able to see it on your CAPP evaluation.

If you're planning to substitute one course for another, you need to complete the Petition for Course Substitution Form. Once you complete the form and submit it to the Enrollment Services Office, we'll enter it into our student information system. Once it's in the system, you'll be able to see it on your evaluation.

Petition for Course Substitution - Complete this form to substitute one required course for another. This form requires you to log in using your MyMTech log in information (this is the same way you log into your Montana Tech email).  If you don't know your log in, go to MyMTech and click on the New Student link in the upper right hand corner to retrieve your username and password.

Prior to CAPP, course substitutions were only entered as a comment on your transcript. Now that we're using CAPP, we have to enter those forms into our system a little differently. We did identify course substitutions for all of our currently enrolled students and entered them in our system the new way. However, with a project as large as this one was, it's possible some may have gotten missed. If you've completed a course substitution form and you don't see the substitution on your CAPP evaluation, please notify Enrollment Services at or 406-496-4256.

CAPP will only work with courses taken at the campus from which you're receiving your degree. Therefore, we've identified all of the currently enrolled students that have taken courses from both campuses that will apply toward their degree and have transferred those credits to the appropriate campus. However, with a project of this magnitude, it's possible we may have missed some. If you have taken courses at both campuses that will apply toward your degree and they're not reflected on your CAPP evaluation, please notify Janet Friesz at or 406-496-4868.

As of the 2005 catalog, you are not allowed to graduate if you've received a grade below a C- in any course required for your degree. Therefore, if you have taken some courses that are required, but have received a grade below a C-, that course will not appear on your CAPP evaluation.

Also, CAPP pulls academic history from our existing student information system. If you took classes prior to 1990, your information is not accessible via our current information system.

Yes. If your curriculum requires that you take CHEM 1056 and you took it after it changed to CHMY 141, you'll see on your CAPP evaluation that CHMY 141 satisfies the requirement for CHEM 1056 because those courses are equivalent. If you find a course where the CCN changes are not reflected, contact Kathy Williams at or 406-496-4266.

If you're thinking about changing your major and want to know which of the classes you've already taken will be applied toward that new major, you can do so using the What-If Analysis tool. Simply follow the steps in selecting a new major, option, and/or minor. If you do decide to officially change your major, be sure to complete the Change of Major Form.

Also, if there were significant changes to your curriculum from one catalog to the next, you can use the What-If Analysis to determine whether or not if would be beneficial to change your catalog term. If you do decide to change your catalog term, you must complete the Catalog Term Change Form.

You can run a CAPP evaluation for the degree that is listed when you click on Run a CAPP Evaluation, then you can use the What-If Analysis to run an evaluation on your second degree.