Virtual Mentors

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Virtual Mentors

What is a Virtual Mentor?

A virtual mentor assists students with all the non-instructional aspects of the online course and learning environment by:

  • Helping students find their way around Moodle and helping to make the technology clearer.
  • Virtual Mentors provide tips and resources in the Virtual Mentor Forum to help facilitate creating a community where everyone can engage, feel positive and comfortable. We want to help students make the most of their online learning experience.

Please keep in mind we are not instructors or TAs (instructor's assistants) and cannot help you with the specific academic course material, grades, etc. For academic help, please contact the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE).

How to contact us

  • Use the "Ask a Question" forum in the online classroom (Moodle)
  • Submit a question using the form below.

If you cannot see the form below, please disable any ad-blocking extensions on your browser and refresh the page. Or, please try a different browser.

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