procedures for requesting accommodations

Disability Services

Procedures for Obtaining Disability Accommodations

  1. Submit an Application for Disability Services with supporting documentation to a Montana Tech Disability Services Coordinator (DSC).
  2. Assure receipt of information occurs in a timely manner; 30 days prior to need for basic accommodations; 90 days prior for interpreter services or text book format changes.
  3. Meet with DSC to review paperwork and discuss needs.
  4. Obtain letter of accommodation from DSC.
  5. Share letter of accommodation with faculty and discuss implementation.
  6. Make DSC and faculty aware of any accommodation changes should they occur; be aware that no accommodations are retroactive.
  7. Contact assigned DSC or Dean of Students should barriers arise in obtaining receipt of services.

Testing Accommodations

It is the student’s responsibility to coordinate testing with faculty members. A DSC may assist in this coordination if needed. The student should make their request for each test at least 48 hours in advance of the test day. In instances where a test reader,scribe or interpreter is needed, the request should be made at least 7 days prior to testing to assure availability of services.