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Disability Services

Privacy and Confidentiality

The Family Education Right to Privacy Act (FERPA), which guides both K-12 and postsecondary education, considers all student information beyond directory and enrollment information to be private. No one will have access to Disability Services student files except appropriate Disability Services staff. Any information regarding a disability is considered confidential and will be shared only with others within the college who have a legitimate educational interest.

Sensitive information in disability files will not be released except in accordance with federal and state laws. A student’s file may be released pursuant to a court order or subpoena.

If a student wishes to have information about his or her disability shared with others outside the institution, the student must provide written authorization to a Montana Tech Disability Services Coordinator to release the information. Before giving such authorization, the student should understand the purpose of the release and to whom the information will be given. The student should also understand that there may be occasions when, within the college, a Disability Services staff will share information regarding a student’s disability at her discretion if circumstances necessitate such sharing and there is an appropriate legitimate educational interest involved.

A student has the right to review his or her own disability file with reasonable notification.