discrimination complaint

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Discrimination Complaint Procedures

Any student of Montana Tech of the University of Montana has a right to file a complaint if he or she thinks he or she has been discriminated against because of race, religion, color, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or age.

Procedures for addressing a discrimination complaint:

  1. Seek informal resolution by talking to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs/Dean of Students or the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs prior to filing such a complaint.
  2. If formal complaint is to be filed, a Discrimination Complaint Form may be obtained online or from the Montana Tech Personnel Office.
  3. The complaint should be as specific as possible and include accurate details, dates, names, places and any other facts which may bear on the case.
  4. The complaint will be investigated within 10 days of its receipt by the Affirmative Action Officer (the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance is the designated Affirmative Action Officer).
  5. If the complaint is judged to be valid, corrective action will be recommended in an effort to ensure civil rights are protected. If no basis for the complaint is found, the Affirmative Action Officer will advise the complainant of available avenues of appeal.
  6. No student shall be subject to retaliation for filing a complaint or advocating for his or her rights.