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What are the HCI degree and certificate options?

In addition to being an exciting career for the high school graduate who enjoys computer science and is interested in health care, other program options exist for seasoned health care or informations technology professionals who are interested in transitioning into a new arena within the industry.

Bachelor of Science in Health Care Informatics

Montana Tech’s Bachelor of Science degree was the first of its kind in the United States. It is one of the top ranking programs of its kind, with a focus on the practical applications of technology in the health care setting. The program is designed to aid students in understanding the principles and applications of information systems in data management and information processing at a level that enables the graduate to work in the health care system, health software development industry, pharmaceutical industry or consulting organizations. Students will develop skills to analyze and describe the workflow for software application, development, design of new applications, or improve the work process in the organization. Graduates become effective members of an interdisciplinary team who are able to work with others to develop plans, achieve goals, and solve problems as project managers.

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Certificate in Health Informatics Technology (HIT)

The HIT Certificate was originally created as part of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology Workforce Grant. The goal of the undergraduate certificate is to provide existing information technology and health professionals the training needed to transition into the field. The courses are all online, and can be completed in as little as two semesters.

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Articulation and Transfer Students

As part of a Montana State Health Care Workforce program, the HCI department works to create opportunities for students from other health care areas to easily articulate or transfer into our program. We have official articulation agreements with two-year programs in the state of Montana so that a student can complete a bachelor’s in a timely manner while still benefiting from a well-rounded experience. An example is a student who starts out in a medical office program and would like to transfer into HCI. Most students will have a similar base of courses, such as medical terminology, that will directly transfer.

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Minor in HCI

The minor is designed for students in another four year degree program at Tech. The HCI minor gives students additional skills and knowledge that they can apply to the health care industry (such as business students) or in the informatics field (such as nursing).

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Graduate Certificate in Health Care Informatics

The HCI graduate certificate is designed to provide additional skills necessary in health care informatics and will prepare professionals such as information technologists, computer scientists, or health care professionals in advanced skills required for leadership in health care informatics and will build on their current bachelor’s degree.

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