chemistry and geochemistry

Chemistry and Geochemistry

Learn the fundamentals of the central science studying in the Professional Track; specialize in the Biochemistry, Environmental Chemistry or Geology/Geochemistry options; or tailor your electives and program to match your career objectives. Participate in faculty directed research in a highly personalized environment that brings the classroom information to life.

Faculty members are experienced in the classroom and the research laboratory and engage students in both settings. Faculty members and their students are actively involved in both fundamental and applied research that extends beyond the classical areas of chemistry; analytical, biochemical, inorganic, organic and physical, into exciting interdisciplinary areas, such as, computational chemistry, biotechnology, biogeochemisty, and material science.


Degrees, Options, and Specializations

Several areas of specialization are available at the undergraduate level. Each area is designed to enhance knowledge in the special area while maintaining a strong chemical orientation. Areas of specialization include, Biochemistry, Environmental Chemistry (ACS certified), Geology-Geochemistry, and Professional (ACS certified). Internships opportunities are also available for students who wish to incorporate practical work experience with their academic studies.

The new Biochemistry option is designed for students interested in pursuing careers in research and/or professional practice in biomedicine or health care. Career paths from this option include human and veterinary medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, ptometry, medical technology, chiropractic and naturopathic medicine, etc.

Bachelor of Science Degree and Options

Master of Science Degree and Options



Montana Tech's Chemistry programs are approved by the American Chemical Society (ACS).