business information technology

Business and Information Technology

The undergraduate business program at Montana Tech is designed to supplement traditional business course work with state of the art information technology. The business component gives students the opportunity to gain an understanding of business theory and practice but students will learn to apply business concepts to real-life practical business situations. The curriculum has a focus on making business decisions and students will learn to use information technology and analytical tools to solve business problems.

Students will have the opportunity to develop and apply critical thinking skills throughout their coursework through the use of various projects, case studies, and business simulations. The program prepares the students for a unique business capstone experience in their senior year that readies them for either their professional career or a continuation of their academic career.

The mission of the Business and Information Technology Department is to prepare tomorrow’s business leaders for the challenges of a dynamic global business environment. In a nutshell, at Montana Tech, business students learn to creatively solve problems.


Degrees, Options and Specializations

The Business Department at Montana Tech offers two degrees, Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business and Information Technology and a Bbachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Business.

Our degrees and programs page gives more details all of our degrees and options.

BS business and information technology
Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business and Information Technology
The Bachelor of Science is a traditional four-year degree program that allows students a course of study under six options.
BAS business and information technology
Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Business

The Bachelor of Applied Science is a two year program designed to allow students, who have completed their Associate of Applied Science degree, an opportunity to continue and complete a baccalaureate degree.

business minor

Business Minor

The Department of Business and Information Technology also offers a Minor in Business for all students with non-business majors.

Our degrees and programs page gives more details on each of these options.

landman certificate

Landman Certificate

Montana Tech’s Business & Information Technology Department is offering a Oil & Gas Landman Certificate. Before an oil or gas well can be drilled, it is the important function of a landman (or woman) to ensure that an appropriate oil or gas lease is secured between the oil company and the landowner so that those important minerals can be extracted from the land in a legal manner. This certificate will cover important fundamentals of the oil and gas industry including: oil and gas leases, property law, contract law, land titles, energy regulations and more. Learn more »

Helena Business Program

The Department of Business and Information Technology sponsors a joint baccalaureate program with the University of Montana, Helena. Students in this program are able to take courses from both campuses and work to complete either the Bachelor of Science or the Bachelor of Applied Science programs. The program is designed for residents of the Helena area and students may complete their degree program without leaving Helena.


The Business Department, similar to the other departments on the Montana Tech campus, has been successful placing students in professional positions or graduate programs. Additionally, the Department works to help students find internship opportunities with companies of interest to the students. This type of experiential learning is viewed as a very valuable experience by the faculty and may be a part of the student’s program of study. Visit the Careers and Placement page.


Each member of the faculty in the Business Department shares the primary objective of teaching excellence. Each professor in the Department has a significant amount of professional experience that he or she can bring to the classroom. Students and prospective students are encouraged to contact any member of the faculty with any questions.


Montana Tech is a candidate for specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) located at 11374 Strang Line Road in Lenexa, Kansas, USA.



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