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Degrees and Programs

The Business and Information Technology currently offers two degrees, a Bachelor of Science in Business and Information Technology, and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Business. The two degrees are distinct and designed for specific students.

Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Information Technology at Montana Tech is a four-year program designed to incorporate a traditional business curriculum. In addition, roughly 20 percent of the students total coursework will be in information technology or computer science and this piece clearly differentiates a Montana Tech business degree from most baccalaureate business degrees offered by other four-year programs. The Bachelor of Science program allows students to emphasize in one of three options.

Accounting Option: The accounting option is designed to prepare students to enter into a professional corporate accounting position. Montana, similar to most States, requires 150-semester hours and a baccalaureate degree, to be licensed as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). The Business Department offers all the preparatory coursework to allow students to sit for the Uniform CPA exam and has had a number of its students successfully complete this exam and enter into the public accounting profession. In addition, a number of students have finished this option and continued their academic career in a Masters of Accountancy Program.

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Management of Information Option: The management of information option is designed to give students additional business and information technology coursework to prepare students for entry into a career where they can manage a business s information technology systems.

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Health Information Technology Option:

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Management of Natural Resources Option:

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Bachelor of Applied Science

The Bachelor of Applied Science Degree is a two year program specifically designed to allow students to continue their education beyond their Associates of Applied Science Degree. Students pursuing this baccalaureate degree can choose between two courses of study referred to as tracks in the Department. Students under this program are not required to gain the same information technology coursework due to the two year length of the program.

Accounting Track: The accounting track is designed to prepare students to enter into a professional corporate accounting position. Students under this track are not required to but can complete all the accounting coursework available to the Bachelor of Science students and thus it is possible for Bachelor of Applied Science students to sit for the CPA exam.

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Management Track: The management track, similar to the management option under the Bachelor of Science degree, is designed to be a flexible program that allows students to select business coursework that interests them. In addition to the required general business core, students can select additional courses in general management, marketing, or human resource areas to better prepare them for an entry level professional position of interest to them.

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Joint Program With the University of Montana – Helena

The Department of Business and Information Technology currently sponsors a joint program with the University of Montana – Helena designed for Helena area residents that allow students to complete either the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Applied Science degrees without coming to the Butte campus. All courses under this program are either offered as a distance course or are offered at the campus of the University of Montana – Helena. Students specifically interested in this program should contact Barbara Yahvah (406-444-6822, or Tim Kober (406-496-4557,

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Business Minor

The Department of Business and Information Technology offers a Business Minor in both Accounting and Management. The minor is designed to allow students to complement their chosen field of study with a business background. Additionally, the minor consists primarily of courses that would be required if a student decided to continue her or his education by pursuing a Master s Degree in Business Administration (MBA). As such, the completion of a business minor would give any student a jump start on an MBA.

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Landman Certificate

Oil and Gas Landman Certificate

With land management professionals in high demand, Montana Tech’s Business & Information Technology Department is proud to announce that it has created the Oil & Gas Landman Certificate. Before an oil or gas well can be drilled, it is the important function of a landman (or woman) to ensure that an appropriate oil or gas lease is secured between the oil company and the landowner so that those important minerals can be extracted from the land in a legal manner. This certificate will cover important fundamentals of the oil and gas industry including: oil and gas leases, property law, contract law, land titles, energy regulations and more.

Here at Montana Tech, we understand the importance of our mission in the education of the next generation of oil and gas management professionals,” said Dr. Tim Kober, Chair of the Department of Business & Information Technology. “Our goal with this Oil & Gas Landman Certificate is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the petroleum land management field for our students, alumni and other professionals who would like to enter this field or who are already in the field and are seeking formal training to advance their career.”
The one academic year, 15 credit (5 course) certificate can be completed in the following spring semester. While there are no pre-requisites for this certificate program for current students, junior standing is required. Those who complete the program will receive Oil & Gas Landman Certificate from Montana Tech. A future goal for this new program is to seek formal recognition of the program by the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL).

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