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The Outcomes Survey (TOS)®, History

Institutional accountability for student career outcomes has become a top priority across the country.

The Department of Education, the White House College Scorecard, and accrediting boards, along with current and prospective students and their parents, want data on what students do with their college degrees after they graduate, and we have to provide this data. 

"What can I do when I graduate?" is the primary question many students and their parents are asking when applying to college and making enrollment decisions," says Matt Berndt, CSO's director for communication and career services. "They expect schools to be able to answer that question with hard data and real life examples. The Rubio Wyden Act will soon require colleges and universities to provide this kind of information, and it is a fundamental element of Obama's White House College Scorecard."

Montana Tech is one of the Partners in Innovation, along with 15 institutions across the U.S. creating a national standard for first destination career outcomes data collection. "Montana Tech has a rich history of collecting, compiling, and reporting what graduates are doing with their degree. The emphasis on accountability from local, regional, and national levels is welcomed," states Montana Tech Director of Career Services Sarah Raymond. "The additional collection of data from our students and recent graduates will assist Montana Tech with making data-driven decisions."

Beginning May 2014, Montana Tech students will be asked to respond to The Outcomes Survey shortly before their graduation day and will be prompted to update their responses with new information three months, six months, and one-year after graduation. This multi-contact survey approach will yield statistically significant response rates and career outcomes data that genuinely represent the wide diversity of first-destinations that Montana Tech graduates pursue, including employment, graduate schools, fellowships, service, gap-year programs, and entrepreneurial endeavors.